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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making Extra Money for Maternity Leave

I have officially began maternity leave and wanted to share a new article that I wrote with others that need to make extra money for maternity leave.

I have been looking into ways to earn a little extra money for maternity leave since I am due in the next three weeks. I am a single mom and have only been able to work 15 hours a week for the last couple of months due to pregnancy issues. I did have money put up for maternity leave, but my savings has gradually dwindled due to the limited amount of work. With that being said, I needed to find as many ways to make extra money for my maternity leave so that I can at least take six weeks of work off. This is some of the things that I have been doing.

Start by doing freelance writing on various sites to earn extra money for maternity leave. I had been doing this for a while, but put more focus into the work since I needed more money for maternity leave. It is fairly easy work if you have interests to write about, and you can make decent money. This is something that you should begin doing a few months before maternity leave so that your residual income can build up.

Read emails, do tasks, take surveys, or other things that can give you a little extra money for maternity leave. All of these do not make you a lot of money, but I make an extra $80 or more a month with these things. Some of it is cash and I also get gift cards for places that I shop.

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