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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Savings on Clothes

I have been looking for the perfect shirt for my baby shower this weekend, and have had no luck. I am on a tight budget, and do not want to spend a fortune on clothes that I may not be able to wear after the baby is born. I found a couple of shirts at Walmart and Target, but could not find anything under $10. The shirts that were $10 was nothing that I would have really wanted to wear.

I decided to go to Ross today, and found the best deals. My best friend and I went to find something to wear to the baby shower, and have a little girt time of course. We went through a few racks and found a lot that we really liked. After trying on our clothes we bath picked out two different shirts. With my two shirts and a pack of baby wash clothes I spent less that $20.

I also found a lot of bras that I would love to have, but there was no maternity bras.The price of the bras were great though, some less than $5. If you are expecting a baby I highly suggest going to Ross I found so many things that I loved that was all less than $10. I will be going back to Ross after the baby is born so I can save money on the baby items that I need.

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