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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Planning Your Shopping

One reason that I do save a lot of money when I shop is because I plan my shopping. This is true for groceries as well as other items. Planning your shopping is very crucial. This will help prevent you from purchasing items that you do not need, and finding the impulse purchases.

I start by looking at all of the sales papers to find items that I need, and which stores have the best offer on the majority of the items I will be purchasing. I do not go all over town to save money. If stores are close together I will go to each, but if not I choose the one that I will save more at. If you spend the money you would save on gas, what would be the point?

Make a complete list of all of the items that you will need to purchase. This list could consist of groceries, clothing, cleanings supplies, or any other items you need. Try to keep the list as close as possible to the things you will purchase. I know there will be times when you have a general idea of items, but not know exactly what you will be getting.

Make a budget for your shopping trip. This should be a very close approximation to what you will spend. When you make your budget, take only that amount with you. This will prevent you from purchasing more than budgeted.

Plan out your complete shopping trip. You want to know exactly what stores you will be going to, and what you will be purchasing from each store.

Planning your shopping can make a big difference in the amount of money you can save when shopping. It may seem like a little extra work to do in the beginning, but you will be very happy with the money you will save.


I have added a few widgets to the blog. These widgets are helpful with saving money, and other financial help. I just have a few at the moment, but I am looking for more. If you know of any helpful money saving or financial widgets that would work, please let me know. Every bit of financial help that we all can find is very helpful.